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Four Inch Fold is an Atlanta based two-woman creative team. We are stylists, designers, and conversationalists. We incorporate love and fashion into every stylistic choice we make. We know you will love working with us!

Dana with her daughter, Gracie

meet dana

I come from a long line of creative and inventive women. Way before Pinterest, all we had was magazines and imagination! My great aunt, Elsie, had a huge craft area we could freely explore, inspiring me to decorate and create spaces that emphasized coming together. She decorated her home in a mix of handed down family pieces, found items, and things she made. She was similar to my mom and her sisters, in that she would drag me and my brothers to flea markets, antique shows, and junk shops - so, I guess you could say its in my genes. Now, I fill my time passing this on to my own precious pre-teen daughter. I love scouting for new treasures, repurposing, and filling spaces with charming decor. I hope that Four Inch Fold will inspire you to make and create something, deepen your relationships, make positive changes, and by all means, call us if you need anything!

Peace, love, and make it happen!
Dana (& MaryLee, Elsie, Jean, Darlene, Betty, Nancy, & Sarah)

Dana Boyd
Brandy with her BFFs in NYC. She is the redhead!

meet brandy

As a professional theatre actress, I dream of New York City and its Broadway stages. When I was preparing to visit NYC for the first time, everyone told me to avoid eye contact with New Yorkers because they are unpleasant and rude! I found that this simply isn't true. New Yorkers are some of the most open hearted people who want to share a human connection. There is something magical about sitting next to a stranger in the most populated city in the US, and having a conversation. The magic of the people, the theatre, the food, the music, the history, and (of course) the shopping inspires me to live life like a New Yorker, with a heart that is driven, open, and creative. This is what I hope to inspire in others with my work at Four Inch Fold. Don't just do what others say you must. Instead, go and find out for yourself! Smile at a stranger, have a conversation, and go see a Broadway show every chance you get!

Much love and GO DAWGS!

Brandy Sexton

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